US Reports Record Number of COVID-19 Cases

The United States on Thursday recorded its highest number of COVID cases since the start of the pandemic — more than 117,000 new infections.The news about the rapid growth of the virus in the U.S. comes as voters await the final results of the country’s presidential election.The virus is “coming after all of us,” Ohio Gov. Mike DeWine said. “This virus doesn’t care if we voted for Donald Trump, doesn’t care if we voted for Joe Biden.”The virus in the U.S. is especially spreading across the Midwest and the so-called Great Plains region that spans large parts of the central and western U.S.The U.S. has 9.6 million of the world’s 48.6 million cases.The coronavirus is also sweeping across Europe. England began a four-week lockdown Thursday. Greece will begin a three-week shutdown on Saturday.Denmark has announced it is culling more than 15 million minks in an effort to halt the spread of a mutated form of the coronavirus that has appeared in the minks.India reported more than 47,000 new COVID cases Friday.India follows the U.S. in the number of coronavirus cases with 8.4 million. Brazil has the third-highest number of infections at 5.6 million.

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