US Gulf Coast Prepares for Hurricane Delta’s Arrival

Storm warnings are posted, and some evacuations are underway along the western Gulf Coast region of the United States ahead of Hurricane Delta’s expected arrival Friday. Delta made landfall on Mexico’s Yucatan Peninsula Wednesday as a Category 2 storm, downing trees, knocking out power to thousands, flooding roads and breaking glass in buildings as tourists and residents sought refuge in shelters. The Associated Press reports the governor of the state of Quintana Roo said there were no reports of injuries or death. Retiree Jose Ignacio Velazquez said, the damage was normal for a hurricane of this nature, but people were expecting more.   Velazquez said there were very strong winds but not a lot of rain, and he thinks they came out Okay. Delta loss intensity after moving across the peninsula. The storm then moved into the southern Gulf of Mexico, where the National Hurricane Center forecast it will regain major hurricane strength by Thursday night.  Hurricane Delta is still expected to hit the state of Louisiana Friday. Storm watches also are posted for sections of the states of Texas and Mississippi. 

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