Trump Renews ‘Rigged Election’ Claim Against All Evidence 

President Donald Trump persisted Friday in claiming the U.S. presidential election was rigged despite assurances from federal and state officials, and private industry partners, that the November 3 vote was the “most secure” in the nation’s history.Heartwarming to see all of the tremendous support out there, especially the organic Rallies that are springing up all over the Country, including a big one on Saturday in D.C. I may even try to stop by and say hello. This Election was Rigged, from Dominion all the way up & down!— Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) FILE – U.S. Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency Director Christopher Krebs speaks to reporters at CISA’s Election Day Operation Center on Super Tuesday in Arlington, Va., March 3, 2020.The Reuters news agency on Thursday, citing three sources familiar with the matter, reported that CISA Director Christopher Krebs had told associates that he expected the White House to fire him, in part for refusing to remove or change information on the Rumor Control website.Neither CISA nor the White House responded to VOA requests for comment. But word that Krebs could be on the way out sparked an outcry from state election officials, lawmakers and former officials.“Director Krebs and the many other CISA staffers we interact with have been invaluable partners in further securing election infrastructure and sharing vital information,” said Maria Benson, speaking for the National Association of Secretaries of State, in an email to VOA.MORE reaction to the reports that @CISAKrebs will be fired – this from the fomer #2 at @ODNIgov@suemgordon22— Jeff Seldin (@jseldin) November 12, 2020Democrat Mark Warner, the vice chair of the Senate Intelligence Committee, was even more direct.“Chris Krebs has done a great job protecting our elections. He is one of the few people in this administration respected by everyone on both sides of the aisle,” Warner posted on Twitter. “There is no possible justification to remove him from office. None.”Krebs himself has been active on social media, pushing back against what CISA has labeled disinformation, urging Americans, “Don’t fall for it.”To be crystal clear on ⬇️, I’m specifically referring to the Hammer and Scorecard nonsense. It’s just that – nonsense. This is not a real thing, don’t fall for it and think 2x before you share. #Protect2020— Chris Krebs #Protect2020 (@CISAKrebs) November 7, 2020 

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