Tesla Releases First Diversity Report

Electric automobile maker Tesla has released its first diversity report.Only 4% of the people in Tesla’s leadership roles are Black, according to the report released Friday, while only 10% of the company’s entire U.S. workforce is Black. Tesla’s Black employees comprised 12% of new hires and received 10% of promotions in 2020.”We know that our numbers do not represent the deep talent pools of Black and African American talent that exist in the U.S at every level – from high-school graduates to professionals,” the Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Impact Report said. Tesla said it would begin recruiting at historically Black colleges and universities to increase the company’s minority representation. Women fared slightly better, representing 17% of the leadership roles and 21% of the workforce. Women at Tesla were 25% of new hires and received 23% of all promotions in 2020.Men dominate at the Palo Alto, California-based company, comprising 79% of the workforce, 83% of leadership, 75% of new hires, and accounting for 77% of promotions in 2020.

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