Scotland’s Sturgeon Says Trump Can’t Come to Play Golf

Scotland’s First Minister Nicola Sturgeon said Tuesday that because of the newly-imposed COVID-19 lockdown, U.S. President Donald Trump would not be allowed in to play golf in the coming weeks.Speaking to reporters during her regular COVID-19 update, Sturgeon was asked about reports Trump was planning to travel to his Turnberry golf resort in Scotland January 20 when President-elect Joe Biden will be inaugurated.Sturgeon announced a full lockdown across Scotland on Monday following a surge in COVID-19 cases. She said that includes a travel ban.”We are not allowing people to come into Scotland without an essential purpose right now, and that would apply to him just as it applies to anybody else. ” She said, “And coming to play golf is not what I would consider to be an essential purpose.”FILE – U.S. Presidential contender Donald Trump walks near the 16th green of the Turnberry golf course in Turnberry, Scotland, July 30, 2015.U.S. officials have declined to say what Trump will do on the day of Biden’s inauguration.But Scotland’s Sunday Post reported this week that Glasgow’s Prestwick Airport was told to expect the arrival of a U.S. military plane previously used by Trump. The same report said U.S. military surveillance aircraft were seen circling the golf course in recent weeks.Sturgeon, a Trump critic, told reporters she had no idea what Trump’s travel plans are but added “I hope and expect that as everybody hopes and it’s what everybody expects – not everybody necessarily will hope – that the travel plan immediately that he has is to exit the White House. But beyond that, I don’t know.”

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