Merkel Sees Broader Scope for Agreement with Biden

German Chancellor Angela Merkel said Thursday she sees more opportunity for agreement with new U.S. President Joe Biden than the previous administration, but she also continues to believe Germany and Europe cannot rely on U.S assistance as much as in the past.Speaking to reporters in Berlin, Merkel said just by looking at the executive orders Biden signed Wednesday after being sworn in, she can see “there is just a broader space for agreement with Biden.”  European, Other World Leaders Welcome Joe BidenThere were words of welcome Wednesday from across the world for Joe Biden as he was sworn in as America’s 46th presidentShe cited Biden’s decision to remain in the World Health Organization, rejoining the Paris climate agreement and his views on migration as areas where the U.S. and Germany can work together. But she added she is fully aware she cannot expect full political agreement with a new U.S. president on everything.   Merkel, who had, at best, a strained relationship with former U.S. President Donald Trump, said she came to the realization during his term that Germany and Europe cannot rely so much on the United States diplomatically and militarily. She said Thursday she still feels that way.  She added, “But the good news is: We in Germany are ready and so is the European Union. But overall, cooperation is once again based on common conviction.”

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