Man Arrested in US Supermarket While Carrying Six Guns

A young man carrying six firearms, including an assault rifle and a pump-action shotgun, was arrested Wednesday at a supermarket in a suburb of Atlanta, police said in the U.S. state capital of Georgia. The incident came two days after a massacre at a Colorado supermarket, which itself followed another massacre the week before, carried out by a gunman in massage businesses in Atlanta.  In addition to his small arsenal, which included various ammunition, the 22-year-old was wearing a bulletproof vest. A customer saw him enter the store with his assault rifle in hand, then quietly go to a restroom, where he leaned this weapon against a toilet bowl. The witness then alerted store employees. It was not known whether the suspect, identified as Rico Marley, intended to carry out an attack in the Publix chain supermarket in the area of Atlantic Station. However, he was charged with attempted assault and multiple unlawful detentions of firearms, and then jailed. Atlanta police released a photo showing the items seized from the suspect: an assault rifle, a shotgun, four handguns, several magazines and at least two knives.

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