German Official Calls for All US Votes to Be Counted

Germany’s vice chancellor Wednesday called for all votes to be counted in the undecided U.S. presidential election and said America will remain an important partner with Germany and the European Union regardless of the outcome.Speaking to reporters in Berlin, German Vice Chancellor and Finance Minister Olaf Scholz said the U.S. electoral system is complex and it is difficult to determine who will win the election, but he said, “we should all insist on democratic elections taking place completely, and that means they are over when all the votes are counted. Every citizen must have the opportunity to influence the result with their own vote.”Scholz added that it is also clear that the European Union should develop “its own strength, particularly in view of the development of the United States in international politics.”Germany currently holds the revolving EU presidency.Scholz’s comments came after U.S. President Donald Trump declared victory, called for an end to the vote count and threatened to take the election to the U.S. Supreme Court.Trump spoke as millions of votes were still to be counted in key states that will determine whether he or challenger Joe Biden wins the Electoral College. 

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