British Police Raid Clubs that Violate COVID-19 Restrictions

British police in the central city of Birmingham have issued thousands of dollars in fines after raiding two makeshift clubs hosting revelers in violation of COVID-19 restrictions.
The West Midlands Police department released video of the February 14 raid on an illegal club, with about 150 people partying on two floors, complete with VIP area, DJ, recording studio and gym.
Police believe about 50 revelers escaped the club through the roof, while 70 were issued $278 fines. The venue’s DJ faces the possibility of the maximum fine of about $14,000.
Police also released video from February 13 of a raid on a garage-turned-pub, dubbed “The Covid Arms.” They ejected around a dozen drinkers from the pub but fined the organizer about $1,400.
Last year, under the Coronavirus Act, the British government gave police the power to enforce health protection laws and impose fines on violators that escalate with each subsequent offense.

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