2 Children Pulled Alive from Rubble of Collapsed Building in Turkey

Rescue teams in Turkey pulled two girls out alive Monday from under the rubble of their collapsed apartment buildings, three days after a strong earthquake centered in the Aegean Sea rocked Turkey and Greece.Fourteen-year-old Idil Sirin was removed from the wreckage after being trapped for some 58 hours.Seven hours later, rescuers pulled out 3-year-old Elif Perincek, whose mother and two sisters had been rescued two days earlier. At Least 51 Dead in Turkey, Greek Islands EarthquakeHundreds injured, buildings destroyed and collapsedThe child, who spent 65 hours in the wreckage of her collapsed apartment, became the 106th person rescued alive, according to the state-run Anadolu news agency.At least 80 people have been killed and nearly 1,000 injured by the earthquake that toppled buildings in the Turkish city of İzmir and created sea surges on at least two Greek islands, where two school children lost their lives.The U.S. Geological Survey rated the earthquake 7.0, while Istanbul’s Kandilli Institute and Turkey’s emergency management agency gave 6.9 and 6.6 measures respectively.The deadly earthquake originated from a 250-kilometer fault line off the coast of the Greek island of Samos, streaming across the Aegean Sea that divides Turkey and Greece. Hundreds of aftershocks followed.

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