British Health Officials Lower National COVID-19 Alert from Level 5 to 4

The chief medical officers (CMOs) of Britain’s four nations have issued a statement recommending that their COVID-19 alert levels be moved from level 5 to level 4.The medical officers usually operate independently, but in a statement posted to Britain’s government website, the CMOs from England, Scotland, Northern Ireland and Wales say they all agree the alert level should be lowered, “following advice from the Joint Biosecurity Center and in the light of the most recent data.”The statement said the health services across the four nations remain under significant pressure, with hospitals still seeing high numbers of patients. But it added, “thanks to the efforts of the public, we are now seeing numbers consistently declining, and the threat of the NHS and other health services being overwhelmed within 21 days has receded.”The CMOs cautioned that transmission rates, and the pressure on hospitals remain very high. But they said they believe that, in time, COVID-19 vaccines will have a major impact and they encourage everyone to get vaccinated when they receive the offer.  They urged all citizens – vaccinated or not – to remain vigilant and continue to follow COVID-19 guidelines.

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